After Death Film: Reviewing the NDE Accounts


I discuss the stories in the film After Death and NDEs in general, addressing these questions:

  • What are we actually talking about? NDEs or ADEs?
  • What does the Bible say about the state of being dead?
  • Are after-death experiences in the Bible?
  • Are literal NDEs possible?
  • What’s the source of literal NDEs?
  • What are your paradigms?
  • Is the Bible sufficient?

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2 Comments on “After Death Film: Reviewing the NDE Accounts

  1. Thank you for pointing out we can’t assume everything supernatural or spiritually exhilarating is from God. Just like Jesus said, there is a devil and his deceptions are a subtle but real danger to even the very elect. Matthew 24:24.

  2. Interesting thought on what Jesus didn’t say to Martha compared to what he did say!

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