Death & Hell: What Does the Bible Say?

Death & Hell: What Does the Bible Say?

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Part 1

  • The popular belief about what happens when we die
  • Is the popular belief biblical?
  • Where did the popular belief come from?
  • The two trees in the garden of Eden

Part 2

  • What is life?
  • What are spirit and soul?
  • What is death?

Part 3

  • What happens after death?
  • What the Bible says
  • What people in Bible times believed
  • What Jesus believed
  • What happened after Jesus died

Part 4

  • A ghost story
  • Are ghosts real?

Part 5

  • What’s up with NDEs?
  • Three people in heaven now

Part 6

  • Dead souls crying out (Revelation 6)

Part 7

  • What is resurrection?
  • The first resurrection
  • Putting on immortality
  • The first resurrection vs. previous resurrections
  • The journey to heaven and the arrival
  • The afterlife vs. death and resurrection

Part 8

  • The last resurrection
  • The first judgment
  • The last judgment

Part 9

  • Why heaven is not our home
  • Why we should forget “heaven and hell”
  • The Bible’s dichotomy of eternal destiny

Part 10

  • The popular view of hell: Is it biblical?

Part 11

  • What the Bible doesn’t say about hell
  • What the Bible does say about hell

Part 12

  • The rich man and Lazarus

Part 13

  • The second death
  • The first death vs. the second death
  • The foreshadowing of the second death
  • The death of Jesus
  • Suffering vs. death

Part 14

  • The purpose of hell
  • The good news about hell
  • The end of suffering