If you find value in what Elizabeth provides, please consider becoming a patron! Membership starts at $3 per month. Members have access to some or all of these benefits, depending on the level of membership chosen:

Access to the Thoughtful Faith online community

This is a patron-only Facebook group intended to provide spiritual community for people pursuing a thoughtful faith. Group members are not uniform in belief. What we share in common are these principles and practices:

  • We believe that, if God is real, He must be the most important and relevant reality in the universe. Thus, the truth about God is worth pursuing.
  • We want the truth, whatever it is.
  • We examine our beliefs with honesty and humility.
  • We follow the evidence. We strive to establish beliefs that are built on evidence (facts, reason, and experience).
  • We aim to clearly and compellingly articulate what we believe and why we believe it.
  • We remain open to new evidence.
A free copy of Elizabeth’s e-book Think through Your Beliefs
Invitations to patron-only Q&As

About once a month, Exclusive and Platinum patrons are invited to a video conference Q&A with Elizabeth. We deal with a specific topic and leave time for open Q&As.

1:1 phone calls

Elizabeth connects individually with Platinum patrons by phone to share updates, answer questions, and hear what’s on their heart and mind.

Ministry support

Membership dues from Platinum patrons defray costs for the website, podcast, and other expenses, and they allow Elizabeth to contribute more time to this ministry.