Mount St. Helens

Updated May 8, 2021

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Do miracles violate of the laws of nature?
Laws of nature describe what nature does on its own. However, anyone can interact with nature and make it do something other than it would do on its own.

Springtime for haiku
I love the challenge of haiku. Even English haiku has its demands that make it a beautiful process and product.

Should I believe this is a bald eagle based on the evidence?
Building evidence-based beliefs means that we consider all of the evidence and figure out the best explanation for that evidence.

“Drop the leaf, Louie”
As children, our natural instincts include awe, curiosity, imagination, and connection to nature. Too often, those instincts eventually get beaten out of us to a large degree. Many of us spend too much of our lives indoors, busy, distracted, and moving at a fast pace.

Haiku in the summertime
I love haiku for what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t tell; it shows. It doesn’t explain; it suggests. It doesn’t expose; it hints.