The Thinkery

Mount St. Helens

Welcome to The Thinkery! Grab a cup of cocoa, and we’ll put another log on the fire. You’ve found a place where you can engage in conversations that matter with people who care. You’re invited to come in from the cold, share your perspectives and insights, learn a thing or two, and develop skills for life.

The Thinkery cultivates the skills and traits of effective thinkers (critical thinking, creative thinking, curiosity, etc.), cognitive health and performance, and thoughtful living. Life is better when we switch off the brain’s autopilot and are more thoughtful about ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

Inquisitive minds, kind people, and all points of view are welcome. We practice classical tolerance — elitism toward ideas and egalitarianism toward persons. We expect disagreement. We insist on respect. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for exchanging views. You will be challenged and stretched. You will be respected and valued. You will be heard. We care about what you think, but most of all we care about you.