Workshop • “Think through Your Beliefs”

Joe believes he won’t get a raise, so he doesn’t ask for one. Julie believes the stock market will make gains, so she invests. Kevin believes that God doesn’t love him, so he returns the favor.

We all believe something, and we all live according to what we believe. What we believe matters.

A belief is something that is held to be true but cannot be proven. What, exactly, do you believe? Why do you believe it? Are your beliefs sound? Can they be shaken? Should they be?

“Think through Your Beliefs” is a free on-demand video workshop that walks you through a process of examining what you hold to be true, individually or in a group.

Part 1: Get Clarity on What You Believe
Part 2: Find a Good Reason to Believe

If you participate in the exercise, expect to spend an hour or two. If you just watch the video, it will take you 30 minutes. Either way, you will cultivate skills and traits that help you discern truth from error and you will establish a habit of building thoughtful, sound beliefs.

Download the Workshop Guide.