Mount St. Helens
American flag

The labor of liberty

While we enjoy sparklers and potato salad, let us consider what this holiday truly means — and what it fully requires. May each of us dedicate ourselves — in whatever way we are called — to the labor of liberty.

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It’s easier to endure a pandemic when …

What we believe about tomorrow impacts how we feel and act today. When we believe that things will get better, hardship is much easier to endure. The light at the end of the tunnel pulls us forward.

The pursuit of truth

Do you KNOW more than you THINCK?

Making a proper cup of tea requires time and effort that ends up being totally worth it. Same with thinking. What good is our knowledge if our failure to think renders that knowledge useless?


Do miracles violate the laws of nature?

Laws of nature describe what nature does on its own. However, anyone can interact with nature and make it do something other than it would do on its own.

Springtime for haiku

Springtime for haiku

I love the challenge of haiku. Even English haiku has its demands that make it a beautiful process and product.


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