Elizabeth Whitworth

I’m think I’m doing Lent wrong

Customs have a tendency to render us thoughtless. How much have you stopped to think about the meaning of Lent and the best ways to observe it?

8 People Who Did Not Go to Heaven (Yet)

8 People Who Did Not Go to Heaven (Yet)

Many people — and most Christians — believe that people go to heaven when they die. This belief is not supported by scripture.

Christmas ornaments

9 recommendations for Christmastime

Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Frolic and play the Eskimo way. Have a cup of cheer. Say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet. Dream by the fire. Face unafraid the plans that you’ve made. Let your heart be light. Pray for peace. Fall on your knees, and hear the angels’… Read More


“Drop the leaf, Louie”

“Put it on the ground!” The woman ahead of me on the hiking trail mildly admonished her small son, who was lagging behind her. I thought the child must have picked up a worm, or doggie doo, or a bad habit. As I got closer, though, I saw that the boy was holding a huge… Read More


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