I write and speak primarily about scripture and nature. They are the two greatest treasure chests of evidence about God. Following evidence is the best way to find truth. The truth about God is worth pursuing because, if God is real, He must be the most important and relevant reality in existence.


“I believe it’s rare to come across a person such as Elizabeth. She has the gift to teach and inspire. Her methods help information take root and flourish — growing minds, growing talents, growing intelligent people.” (Skye Allen)


“Elizabeth is a very effective teacher! She presents concepts in a way that makes difficult topics easy to understand. She thoroughly researches topics and presents them with passion and interest.” (Sarah Whitley • Aquatic Scientist • TCEQ)


“Elizabeth’s passion and skill in the area of language is remarkable. Like a gourmet chef choosing just the right spice, she will choose the best wording to season her message for her audience. She finds a way to communicate incredibly complex concepts in ways that anyone can understand.” (Sam McKee • ICF-Certified Executive Coach • Evergreen Leadership)


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