If God is real, He must be the most important and relevant reality in the universe. Therefore, the truth about God matters.


Live Thoughtfully this Christmas

These words from “The Wexford Carol” call us to live thoughtfully. It’s never easy, but especially this busy time of year, we would do well to slow down and think more.

Little House on *this* Prairie?

Sometimes we become so sure of something, we let momentum establish it as a fact in our mind. When we encounter the actual fact, we don’t recognize it.


Suffering has to stop.

I believe that suffering will end when there is a mature, universal knowledge of good and evil. Only then will we choose only good, because we’ll clearly see how good good is. We’ll never choose evil again, because we’ll clearly see how evil evil is. No more fuel will be poured on the fire of suffering, and it will go out.

How can we get to a mature, universal knowledge of good and evil? By exposing them. By uncovering all of the evidence and holding it up for all to see.

Almost everyone agrees that suffering has to stop (the fact that not everyone agrees is part of the problem). Areas of disagreement include these questions:

  • Which things are good, and which things are evil?
  • Who determines what is good and what is evil?
  • What are the sources of good and evil?

I believe that only God is good; He alone is goodness itself. If we are to have a mature knowledge of good, we must know the truth about God.


Does God exist? If so, is He good? Does He love me? Why does He allow evil and suffering? Does God really make people burn in hell forever?

Someone once asked me a most profound question: If you could know for sure whether what you believe about God is true, would you want to know? After some difficult self-examination, my answer to that question became Yes.

Do you want to know the truth, whatever it is, or do you want to remain in the comfort of your belief, whether or not it’s true?

If God is real, He must be the most important and relevant reality in existence. Therefore, the truth about God is worth pursuing.


One of the biggest lies about God is that He will cause people to suffer in hell forever. This is the primary area of my work. A couple quick points:

  • Hell (as it refers to the fate of the lost) is not a place; it’s an event that has a beginning and an end.
  • To suffer forever, one must be alive and conscious forever. Only the redeemed get eternal life.

The truth about God is ultimately unavoidable. We would do well to search for it with earnest and with skill. The more truth we know, the closer we get to the end of suffering.