If God is real, He must be the most important and relevant reality in the universe. Thus, the truth about God is worth pursuing.

I want to know the truth about God, whatever it is. I invite you to join me in this pursuit. I share what I discover and equip others to think for themselves and make their own discoveries of truth.

Helping people develop a thoughtful faith, I bring thinking and faith together, as they were designed to be. I cultivate a love of truth, foster discernment between truth and error, and equip people to build beliefs based on evidence (facts, reason, and experience). A thoughtful faith gives us greater clarity and deeper conviction about our beliefs — and gets us ever closer to the truth.

I also investigate barriers to belief in God — understanding why people do not believe and thoughtfully addressing those reasons.

Fascinated by the origin and development of theological and philosophical ideas, I often write and speak about the problem of suffering and the dichotomies of good and evil, heaven and hell, and life and death.

My career background includes work as a church planter and an intelligence analyst (mostly in an overlapping role as a criminal investigator). Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy tea, nature photography, snow, and being part of the best family in the world.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope that you’ll hang around!

What People Say

I believe it’s rare to come across a person such as Elizabeth. She has the gift to teach and inspire. Her methods help information take root and flourish — growing minds, growing talents, growing intelligent people.


Elizabeth finds a way to communicate incredibly complex concepts in ways that anyone can understand.


Elizabeth presents facts and concepts in a way that makes difficult topics easy to understand. She thoroughly researches topics and presents them with passion and interest. She uses wit and humor effectively to stimulate interaction.