I endeavor to expose the lie that God causes people to suffer forever—and to share the good news that there will be an end to suffering.

My background includes work as a church planter and an intelligence analyst. These days I’m finding joy and purpose in writing, teaching, and doing a bit of nature photography.

I practice historic Christianity—the kind practiced by the Early Church and the Christians of the Reformation. It’s a religion of two “books” of revelation: scripture and nature. Properly studied and understood, these two “books” reveal the truth about God and connect us to Him relationally. God is my creator, redeemer, and best friend.

Here’s the best way I can sum up what I believe about God: I believe that everything Jesus said about Himself is true.

Based in the Northwoods, I enjoy spending time in nature, playing in the snow, drinking tea, and being part of the best family in the world.

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