Do Miracles Violate the Laws of Nature?


It’s a popular belief that miracles are violations of the laws of nature. Furthermore, the belief goes, because the laws of nature can’t actually be broken, miracles aren’t real.

A campfire will go out when the fuel is burned up. However, if I throw another log on the fire, it will keep going. By doing so, am I violating a law of nature?

Laws of nature describe what nature does on its own. However, anyone can interact with nature and make it do something other than it would do on its own.

When God interacts with nature, we call it a miracle. We call it a miracle because it’s rare and because we don’t see God; we see only the effects of God’s interaction.

A miracle does not violate the laws of nature; it’s simply God interacting with nature.

One Comment on “Do Miracles Violate the Laws of Nature?

  1. The laws of nature simply describe nature as we understand it with our finite minds. There is far more to understand about nature than we now comprehend. I believe God is Creator and therefore can interact with nature in ways that are beyond our understanding..hence, a miracle.

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