Perspectives on George Washington’s Nose

I took this photo of Mount Rushmore a few weeks ago. I got several shots with various zoom distances, including an extreme closeup of George Washington’s nose. This photo, however, is the one I chose to post on social media. (I didn’t pick George Washington’s nose. Eww.)

I picked this one because it is unlike most photos of the monument that I’ve seen—and because it shows the sculpture in more context. At first glance, you might not even realize that it’s Mount Rushmore. It’s sort of like, “That’s a nice picture of a mountain ridg…Oh—Hello, guys!”

My friend Gayle has never been to Rushmore, and she’s never seen it photographed from this perspective. She commented that it “helps give a better grasp of proportions.“ I had hoped that my photo would help people see the bigger picture and understand the sculture in its context.

It’s a fun reminder that, when we step back, we can get a fresh perspective that gives us a better understanding of what we’re seeing.

Of course, George Washington’s nose reminds us that a closer look can do the same. The bottom line? Looking at something from various angles and distances can help us see things we might miss otherwise. It can get us closer to truth.

2 Comments on “Perspectives on George Washington’s Nose

  1. If you squint, the shadow of the nose looks a bit like a grizzly bear walking.

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