What did Mr. Rogers think about?

Did you watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood when you were a kid? I watched it a bit, but now I wished I had watched it more. I say that, now that I know more about Fred Rogers. We watched the documentary¬†Won’t You Be My Neighbor? at a meetup with The Thinkery in Vancouver. We all were impressedContinue reading “What did Mr. Rogers think about?”

He had a daughter called Gigi.

George Floyd had a daughter called Gigi. She is six years old. He also had a son named Quincy, a brother named Philonese, a cousin named Tera, and an uncle named Selwyn. He and Courteney were engaged to be married. George was a Texan, like me. A star on his high school football team, heContinue reading “He had a daughter called Gigi.”