What The Bachelor Teaches Us About God

Here’s how I believe Clayton missed the love boat and ended up on a dinghy that left a wildly disproportionate wake of destruction. A lot can be learned about the God who is Love.

Donald Trump

Finding Pleasure in Others’ Pain?

We each need a heart that sorrows when others are hurting, a heart that seeks to bless rather than curse, a heart so full of love that there is no room for hate. We need the heart of God.

Elizabeth Whitworth blog

What the News Tells Us about Our Hearts

Perhaps even worse than these tragedies in the news is the cruelty in the hearts of people who make light — and even fun — of other people’s suffering. We need healed relationships and healed bodies. Most of all, though, we need healed hearts.

Mr Rogers

What Did Mr. Rogers Think About?

Mr. Rogers truly loved everyone he considered to be his neighbor. Think about what you can learn from this amazing man.

Jealousy is love

Jealousy Is Love

Jealousy is widely regarded as a negative trait, one that implies a flaw ranging anywhere from insecurity to psychotic possessiveness. Yet, the Bible names jealousy as an attribute of a perfect God.


The Lamb Does Not Save Himself

If Jesus saved others, could He save Himself? If Jesus was a king, could He save Himself? If Jesus was the Christ, could He save Himself? Jesus is the Creator. Jesus is the King. But, He set aside all of the trappings of those things so that He could be the Lamb.