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It’s Easier to Endure a Pandemic When …

What we believe about tomorrow impacts how we feel and act today. When we believe that things will get better, hardship is much easier to endure. The light at the end of the tunnel pulls us forward.

Elizabeth Whitworth blog

How to Keep Your Brother from Starting a Cult

James wasn’t a blind believer in Jesus. He wasn’t an in-the-bag follower, just because He was his brother or a nice guy. James believed only when he was presented with compelling evidence.

Private Lives

Our Future Depends on History’s Most Compelling Event

The claim of Jesus’s resurrection deserves investigation because there is evidence for it and because, if it is true, it is of utmost significance to us all. If Jesus rose from the dead, we too can be resurrected to eternal life. Our future just might depend on history.


No, I Don’t Forgive You

Whenever I think I know what it means to forgive, I have trouble translating the philosophical into the practical. I finally know why.


The Lamb Does Not Save Himself

If Jesus saved others, could He save Himself? If Jesus was a king, could He save Himself? If Jesus was the Christ, could He save Himself? Jesus is the Creator. Jesus is the King. But, He set aside all of the trappings of those things so that He could be the Lamb.

Prayer of gratitude

If the Only Prayer You Ever Say Is …

When “thank you” is a prayer, it is a recognition that God exists and that He has done something for me. It is a way of receiving what He has done for me.