What Hell Is Like - Jesus' Death Provides the Best Clue

What Hell Is Like: Jesus’ Death Provides the Best Clue

One of the best clues we have about what hell is like is what happened with Jesus on the cross and in the grave. Discover why it’s good news.

8 People Who Did Not Go to Heaven (Yet)

8 People Who Did Not Go to Heaven (Yet)

Many people — and most Christians — believe that people go to heaven when they die. This belief is not supported by scripture.

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Finding Pleasure in Others’ Pain?

We each need a heart that sorrows when others are hurting, a heart that seeks to bless rather than curse, a heart so full of love that there is no room for hate. We need the heart of God.

Good and evil

Good and Evil: Temporary Travel Companions

There was a time when there was only good. Then evil entered the picture. But evil is a companion of good for a limited time only. One of these days, if we choose to trust God, our knowledge of evil will be only a memory.

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How to Keep Your Brother from Starting a Cult

James wasn’t a blind believer in Jesus. He wasn’t an in-the-bag follower, just because He was his brother or a nice guy. James believed only when he was presented with compelling evidence.

Purgatory / hell

Why a Protestant Would Like the Idea of Purgatory

It is important that we know where ideas come from, especially the ideas we embrace or reject. It matters why we believe what we believe. We would be wise to base our beliefs — not on desires or hopes or an attempted explanation of one person’s notion — but on evidence.