Eastern grey squirrel - white morph / White squirrel

How Rare Is a White Squirrel?

Today I walked through the woods along Otter Creek, and I saw something I’ve never seen before: a white squirrel.

Looking Animals in the Eye

I took this photo of a red-bellied woodpecker last weekend, and I enjoy being able to look the bird in the eye.

Bison and White Bison

A Rare (Rear) View of a Rare Beast

Nature is replete with opportunities to appreciate special and awe-inspiring experiences.

American robin

Critical Thinking Helps with Wildlife ID (& Everything Else)

We can train our brains to think more effectively, to sharpen our critical thinking skills. Being aware of our perspectives and biases moves us in the right direction.

Springtime for haiku

Springtime for Haiku

I love the challenge of haiku. Even English haiku has its demands that make it a beautiful process and product.