Purgatory / hell

Why a Protestant would like the idea of purgatory

The image above is a depiction of souls burning in the flames of Purgatory as displayed on the facade of the Church of Ánimas (Capilla de Ánimas) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Source/License “The practice of praying for… Read More

Private Lives

Our future depends on history’s most compelling event

The claim of Jesus’s resurrection deserves investigation because there is evidence for it and because, if it is true, it is of utmost significance to us all. If Jesus rose from the dead, we too can be resurrected to eternal life. Our future just might depend on history.


Is faith rational? It depends.

Faith, by definition, is belief without proof, but it does not have to be — nor should it be — belief without evidence.

Daniel / fiery furnace

Two lessons from three men

God is always able, but He is not always willing. He’s always able because He’s God. He is willing at some times and not others because, as God, He is working a master plan. This plan involves the universe coming to understand just how good, good is and just how evil, evil is. This is the maturity of the knowledge of good and evil.

Prayer of gratitude

If the only prayer you ever say is …

When “thank you” is a prayer, it is a recognition that God exists and that He has done something for me. It is a way of receiving what He has done for me.