Holiday Blues? It’s Time to Rethink Christmas

Christmas isn’t family time, and it’s not a Christian holiday. Here’s how Christmas can bring joy to every single person.

Faith without works is dead

How James Understood Death

Would you say, “Faith without works goes to heaven”? Might you say, “Faith without works returns to God”? Surely you wouldn’t say, “Faith without works burns in hell forever.” Surely.

The Photo I Didn’t Take

Today I was about 10 feet away from three bald eagles. My camera was within reach, but I chose not to take a photo.


Why Wildlife Photography Is Hard

I don’t have the best camera, so I like to get as close as possible to get a good shot. Of course, the closer I get, the more the animal moves away.

8 People Who Did Not Go to Heaven (Yet)

8 People Who Did Not Go to Heaven (Yet)

Many people — and most Christians — believe that people go to heaven when they die. This belief is not supported by scripture.

Elizabeth Whitworth blog

What the News Tells Us about Our Hearts

Perhaps even worse than these tragedies in the news is the cruelty in the hearts of people who make light — and even fun — of other people’s suffering. We need healed relationships and healed bodies. Most of all, though, we need healed hearts.

Good news

If You Read Only One Thing I Write …

The best thing about the future isn’t advanced technology or medical breakthroughs or getting further down the path of social evolution. It’s this: There will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain, because all the old ways are gone.