It's Not About Where We'll Spend Eternity — It's About How

It’s Not About Where We’ll Spend Eternity — It’s About How

Forget the paradigm of “heaven and hell.” Embrace the paradigm of “life and death.” Everything will come into focus.

10 Mistakes People Make About Heaven

10 Mistakes People Make About Heaven: An Observation on the Book

I read Mike Fabarez’s book 10 Mistakes People Make About Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife, and I found something mighty strange. Take a look.

What Hell Is Like - Jesus' Death Provides the Best Clue

What Hell Is Like: Jesus’ Death Provides the Best Clue

One of the best clues we have about what hell is like is what happened with Jesus on the cross and in the grave. Discover why it’s good news.

Dead People Crying Out? How to Understand Revelation 6

If souls aren’t immortal, what do we do with the imagery in Revelation 6 that depicts dead souls crying out for God’s justice? Take a look.

The Rich Man & Lazarus: A Picture of Eternal Torment?

Mainstream Christian theology teaches that hell is eternal conscious torment. I contend that the Bible doesn’t teach that. A few passages in the Bible do seem to refer to eternal conscious torment. One of them is the story about the rich man and Lazarus.

Faith without works is dead

How James Understood Death

Would you say, “Faith without works goes to heaven”? Might you say, “Faith without works returns to God”? Surely you wouldn’t say, “Faith without works burns in hell forever.” Surely.

The Photo I Didn’t Take

Today I was about 10 feet away from three bald eagles. My camera was within reach, but I chose not to take a photo.